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Career and Scope in Biotechnology


Careers in Biotech after Graduation:


After a B.Tech or a B.Sc. in biotechnology there are various opportunities for students in India , You can either go for higher studies like M.tech, M.Sc. or PhD degrees for improving your skills and up gradation of your degree or you can go for jobs in the biotech companies, research institutes ,Pharmacy companies ,even universities and colleges.

There is a big scope in sales department of biotech companies making tools and machines for research, these companies hire graduates for their marketing and sales. Here salary ranges from 15-25 thousand.

Media technician: performs experiments as required and outlined, and develops and maintains record keeping for procedures and experiments performed.

Green house assistant: helps in determining optimal cultural requirements and perform tasks related to disease and pest prevention; they often are required to collect, record, and analyze data, as well as interpret result.

Plant breeders: work in labs performing mating mechanisms in plants and helps in developing new varieties.

Quality control analyst: at pharmacy companies are used to test the diagnostic kits for their functioning checking expiry dates and quality of results of a lot of supplies .test can be immunological where handling of blood serum samples is done, ELISA etc are also used.
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist: has to develop plan and implement industrial safety procedures within a company.

Clinical data specialist: is required to design implement and test clinical data studies, making records and statistical reports etc.

Clinical coordinator: one who supervises all the lab activities ,and arrange meeting and prepare other schedules needed for functioning of labs, The clinical coordinator is responsible for project staffing requirements and tracking drug supply to outside vendors, as well as providing ongoing, objective updates on progress and problems with projects, tracking and following up on action items.
Various veterinary research institutes employ animal handler, Technicians and laboratory assistants for their work E.g. at India veterinary research institute, Izzatnagar up.
Career Prospects in Biotechnology after Post-Graduation:
After post graduation in biotechnology students generally go for PhD through net gate JRFs or MBA for establishing themselves in business industry.
After  M.Sc. in biotechnology students are hired to work as project assistants at research institute or research fellows ,they are generally paid from 20,000-30,000 in govt. Institutes. Here they are required to assist and work on a particular project this makes them gain experience and move ahead in research field.
In corporate sector student with higher capabilities are selected for deserving positions e.g. Biocon .These companies also do campus recruitment where students get a better chance to demonstrate their skills.

Various positions for postgraduates are:

Research assistant : is responsible for carrying out the research projects ,it involves working out the plan of project carrying out experiments ,ordering research materials ,results interpretation etc .

Quality control engineer : has to develop, apply, revise, and maintain quality standards for processing materials into partially finished or finished products. Helps in designing and implementing methods and procedures for inspecting, testing, and evaluating the precision and accuracy of products and prepares documentation for inspection testing procedures.

Clinical programmer: is required to coordinate and monitor the tasks in the laboratories ,implementing data management plans designed to meet project and protocol deadlines, and consults in the design and development of clinical trials, protocols, and case report forms, analyzes and evaluation of clinical data, recognizes inconsistencies, and initiates the resolution of data problems.

Biochemical Development Engineer: has to carry out design and scale-up of processes, manage instruments and equipment from the laboratory through the pilot plant and manufacturing process. Assists the manufacturing operations in problem solving with regards to equipment and systems and participates in the design and start-up of new manufacturing facilities and equipment. Develops and recommends new process formulas and technologies to achieve cost effectiveness and product quality.

Lectureships and assistant professorship: these position grant a easy life and simple teaching job which is clean and respectful job, these position can be seen in all the major Universities, colleges and even private tuition centres, these pay more and require less work input.

Career Prospects in Biotechnology after Doctorate

Professor and readers : A full-fledged doctor is usually given higher positions in the colleges and universities; this is also very respectful job and involves giving lectures to students and helping to shape their career.

Scientists : this post is present both in Govt research institutes and private companies for carrying out research and development, discovering new procedures, species drugs etc for the benefit of mankind, also to get patents for their work which gives them a right to get paid for their discovered products, many companies are also indulged in this field and offers best packages to their R and D personnel eg Ranbaxy, biocon etc. They can work in any field from biochemical procedures to stem cell research and cancer and aids treatment research etc .There is a huge demand of India scientist worldwide. This position is present for all fields including Pharmacy, clinical research, Bio-organics etc.

Various fields include:

Drug Discovery - These scientists often have backgrounds of molecular biology, cell biology, and exposure to todays hot biotech technologies like gene therapy or antisense.

Receptor Biology - it includes post of Receptor Biochemists, Molecular Biologists with experience in receptors and their ligands, and Cell Biologists with experience in G protein-coupled receptors.

Cell Biology - New fields of research in the cell therapy and tissue engineering sectors combine with the continuing need for mammalian cells as a production system for proteins. Cells are the engines and brains of many processes, and the biologist who understands these new frontiers is on the cutting edge of the job market.

Bioinformatics - this include work in Structural biology, genome annotations like that of human genome project ,computational chemistry, mathematics used in modelling complex structures or processes, bio computational specialists may learn to make simpler molecules that produce the same end results

Bio analytical Chemistry - For those who develop and validate the critical assays needed by both R & D and clinical manufacturing.

Formulations and Drug Delivery - Another career for both chemists and engineers are. Having a Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemist or Biochemist with experience in formulation chemistry and/or drug delivery technologies (i.e. controlled release) this is relatively new and not much exploited so have more openings for deserving candidates.

Clinical Research - a very promising field where in a good job a guaranteed in any clinical research company.

Bioprocess Engineering - Like fermentation products, bioactive foods biochemicals, bio pesticides, enzymes, etc. This has growing daily needs in the market
Career Prospects in Biotechnology after Post-Doctorate:
Post Doctorate: During a post doctorate people generally are getting paid for their skill and knowledge so it is itself a kind of job, You get the highest position in markets of both research and development and corporate sector .Since you already have experience after PhD there is just the maximum amount you can fetch from industries for you research work be it in stem cell, cancer, HIV diabetes or any other disease, some tool or technique in bioinformatics, creating own web servers.

There is always a teaching position and that of Head of the departments and Directors of institutes who require to take lectures, perform research works, train other PhD students under them and contribute to the developments in their fields and represent their institutes etc.

In any field of drug discovery, modelling, clinical research, pharmacy, molecular and cell biology, immunology etc. there is always a need for these highly qualified and experienced personnel who can take their company to new heights and make the earn huge profits.   
(The baseline is that there is no necessity of a Ph.D degree. With an M.Sc., M.Tech., B.Tech degree, one is equipped to do the routine activities like quality control, quality assurance, processing, production, downstream processing and fermentation, marketing and sales, regulatory sector, technology transfer, clinical trials and in the bioservices segment (CROs). Where as if one is looking at developing IPR for a company or go into innovative research, then it is preferable to have a PhD degree. Finally, it is your mindset, which is important and not the degree.)