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Reference Books

Grassroots Provides Study Material For Preparation of Your Examination. Apart with this, we advise you not to buy substandard preparatory books for preparation. They will charge you too much and you won't get your basics right. So below we are presenting a list of Books which must be referred so that you can build a sound foundation in life sciences.JNU M.Sc.Biotechnology Entrance Exam.JNU Combined Entrance Test M.Sc. Biotechnology Previous Year's Papers (Solved) Practice TestPapers (Solved).Books for CSIR-JRF-NET Life Sciences, GATE BBiotechnology, MSc Biotechnology and Life Sciences. Life Sciences- Part-1, 2 Fundamentals and Practice, MCQs, Biotechnology A problem approach, General Aptitude Theory and Practice, Fundamentals and Techniques-Biophysics & Molecular Biology, Test & Evaluation.

1. Cell and Molecular Biology
E.D.P . De Robertis and E.M.F. De Robertis Jr.  & Febiger

2. Molecular Cell  Biology
J.Darnell, H.Lodish, & D. Baltimore
Scientific American books,Inc., USA

3. Molecular Biology of the Gene
J.D. Watson, N.H. Hopkins, J.W. Roberts
Benjamin/cummings, Inc., California

4. Principles of Gene Manipulations
R.W. Old & S.B. Primrose
Blackwell Science, U.K

5. Genomes
T.A. Brown
John wiley & Sons

6. Principles of Biochemistry
Nelson and Cox

7. Kuby Immunology
RA Goldsby, Thomas J, Kindt
8. Basic Ecology
Eugene P Odum
Saunders College Publishing

9. Evolution
Monroe W. Strickberger
CBS publishers and distributors

10. Text Book of Medical Physiology
Arthur Guyton
W.B Saunders company

11. Cell and Molecular Biology (concepts & experiments)
Gerald Karp
John wiley & Sons

12. Genetics
E.J. Gardner, M.J. Simmons and D.P. Snustad

13. Microbiology
Prescott & Harley, Madigan & Martinko

14. Plant Physiology
Salisbury & Ross
15. Biology

16. Physics
Concepts of Physics (Part 1 and 2) by H C. Verma
Text Book of Physics: NCERT XI and XII

17. Chemistry
Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd
Text Book of Chemistry: NCERT XI and XII

We believe that all these books must be available in your college library and you can refer them at your convenience for preparation.